New to The Decablog | The Rhino Room

Rhino Room

Rhino Room

We are kicking off a new weekly feature at the Decablog called The Rhino Room. Each week, we will ask a question of a panel of ministry leaders from different parts of the world, and they will have 150 words or less to answer. We hope the varied perspectives will provide a comprehensive overview of each question, and offer ample material for discussion in the comment section of the blog.

The questions will cover a wide spectrum to include systematic and biblical theology, culture, history, pastoral theology, etc. Each week’s question and answers will be posted on Tuesdays and, we hope, the remainder of the week will be filled with discussion.

Do you have a burning question? We would love to hear from you! If you have a question you want us to consider, feel free to add it in the comment section below, or contact one of the blog admins.

15 thoughts on “New to The Decablog | The Rhino Room

  1. Why in a worship service do people expect men to remove their head coverings during prayer, but do not expect the women to cover their heads during prayer? Reference 1 Corin. 11:1-16

    1. Questions that are sent to us will be added to a growing (and already lengthy) list of other questions that we hope to get to in the future. In time, perhaps, we will address your question.

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