Christ the Purifier


“He shall sit as a refiner, and purifier of silver.” Malachi 3:3


He that from dross would win the precious ore,
Bends o’er the crucible an earnest eye,
The subtle searching process to explore,
Lest the one brilliant moment should pass by,
When in the molten silver’s virgin mass
He meets his pictured face as in a glass.

Thus in God’s furnace are his people tried;
Thrice happy they who to the end endure;
But who the fiery trial may abide?
Who from the crucible come forth so pure?
That He whose eyes of flame look through the whole,
May see his image perfect in the soul?

Nor with an evanescent glimpse alone,
As in that mirror the refiner’s face;
But, stampt with heaven’s broad signet, there be shown
Immanuel’s features full of truth and grace.
And round that seal of love this motto be,
“Not for a moment, but – eternity!”

James W. Alexander, “Uses of Chastisement” in The Bow in the Cloud (Vestavia Hills: Solid Ground Christian Books, 2007), 59.

(Nick Kennicott)

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