A Year of Decablogging


This April marks the one year anniversary of The Decablog.  If there was a parade, I somehow missed it.

There has been a proliferation of “year of ___” books recently, encompassing everything from Biblical Womanhood (didn’t read it but it sounds awful) to Pies (didn’t read it but it sounds amazing).  I don’t think that either Kennicott or I could honestly call this “a year of Decablogging.”  He would probably call it a year of continuing to serve as Pastor of Ephesus Church and seeking to Biblically guide his family; while I would call it the year of the giant move, entering full time ministry, and just hoping to get all my kids and wife back in the car as we drove from WA to SC.

The Decablog fits into our lives when there is time, but I know we both enjoy it and are excited about the road ahead.  To commemorate this auspicious occasion I have added a new page to the site header (RSS stalkers click through).  “Highlights and Harangues” is a compilation of our longer articles from year one.  These are the original and mostly extended pieces we’ve written rather than the links and quotes we’ve shared along the way.  If you’re started following this blog more recently you might enjoy browsing through the list.

The Decablog is a small blip on the internet radar, but I do pray the Lord would use even our feeble musings for his glory.  If a donkey can speak in the service of the King, Nick and I will keep typing away.  Here’s to another year of Decablogging!

(by: Nicolas Alford)

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