Talking Arrant Nonsense

Culture, Quote

When someone declares that they ‘just know in their heart’ that the latest boy band is the greatest phenomenon of Western musical culture since Bach left the organ loft for the last time, you may know that they are talking arrant nonsense, but there is no way that you can refute this person’s claim because it is not a claim expressed using public criteria commonly known as words and logic. It is a purely personal, subjective judgment; and, in its claim to truth, it makes truth something mystical, something to be experienced, not something subject to normal criteria of public evaluation.

-Carl Trueman, The Creedal Imperative

P.S. You should really read this book!

(By: Nick Kennicott)

One thought on “Talking Arrant Nonsense

  1. I got this book last month, but it’s sitting in my “I really want to read these books” pile (which keeps getting bigger, btw). I’ll have to pull it out and put it on the top of the pile now. Thanks for sharing.

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