Extreme Church Polity Cagematch!

The Church

Ok, so maybe it was more like a couple Victorian era English dandies conversing over tea and calling each other ‘my good fellow’ than an extreme cage match, but I did enjoy reading this exchange between Kevin DeYoung, Hunter Powell, and Jonathan Leeman last week.  These are all brothers who I appreciate reading and who clearly affirm and value one another, so it was interesting to read them on an issue of disagreement.

Putting in a Good Word for Presbyterianism -Kevin DeYoung

Questioning Kevin DeYoung’s Good Word on Presbyterianism -Hunter Powell

Putting in a Good Word for Congregationalism -Jonathan Leeman

Anyone have any further thoughts?  It seems to me that the basic structure of Reformed Baptist polity incorporates the strengths of both systems while avoiding their weaknesses, but I’m biased.

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