Private Worship, Part 3

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Private Worship, Part 1

Private Worship, Part 2

Today I want to begin outlining specific steps to establishing and maintaining a life of private worship. I have 10 different items, so I will post 2 per day. These are 10 things that have been very helpful to me. There is no one way in which a person must do private worship. One’s personality, schedule, level of spiritual maturity, or station in life may all be determining factors in how private worship is done, to name a few things. The most important thing is that a person is doing private worship, no matter how that looks for them. Nevertheless, there are certain things that can be helpful to aid a Christian in their pursuit of godliness in private worship that have worked for many mature Christians throughout the ages. There is no one way to do private worship, but there are many helpful ways to do private worship. To follow are 10 principles to help you develop consistent and meaningful communion with God:
1. Plan

When entering into private worship each day, it is important to have a plan. Don’t let the plan be something you come up with “on the fly” — that’s not a plan! Get it ready the night before, so you don’t have distractions or more reasons as to why not to do it. Consider the following questions while planning:

How much do I want to accomplish?
Where’s my Bible?
What is my reading plan?
What will I be praying for/about?
Is there a book I need to have ready?
Is the coffee timer set? Alarm clock?
Am I going to bed on time so I’m not exhausted , thus sleeping through my time in the morning?

2. Place

Be as consistent as possible with the place in which you will be having private worship. Sit in the same chair, at the same table, and in the same room every time. This will help in the elimination of distractions and in the establishment of a habit. When picking out a place in your home for private worship, consider the following:

Will I be disturbing others?
Is it quiet here? Will others be disturbing me?
Are there any temptations around (computer, chores, magazines, work, etc.)?

(By: Nick Kennicott)

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