One thought on “The 5 Pillars of Reformed Theology

  1. I’m sorry but this looks more like Lutheranism. Aren’t the 5 points of Calvinism based on TULIP?
    Total Depravity (also known as Total Inability and Original Sin)
    Unconditional Election
    Limited Atonement (also known as Particular Atonement)
    Irresistible Grace
    Perseverance of the Saints (also known as Once Saved Always Saved)
    As opposed to Arminianism:
    Human Free Will–This states that though man is fallen, he is not incapacitated by the sinful nature and can freely choose God. His will is not restricted and enslaved by his sinful nature.
    Conditional Election–God chose people for salvation based on His foreknowledge where God looks into the future to see who would respond to the gospel message.
    Universal Atonement–The position that Jesus bore the sin of everyone who ever lived.
    Resistible Grace–The teaching that the grace of God can be resisted and finally beaten so as to reject salvation in Christ.
    Fall from Grace–The teaching that a person can fall from grace and lose his salvation.

    I must say, after studying both men and their views, I am impressed with both as theological geniuses, although I still hold to Prevenient Grace, which is the official term of resistible grace.

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